Thank you for visiting Great Blue Digital. We provide IT consulting services, web development and design, data management, and marketing-related technical services. Based in beautiful Sonoma County, California, we serve the North Bay and beyond.

Professional Consulting Services

Our expertise in computer systems, business applications, networks, databases, and desktop support is available to you, as you need it. We have over 15 years of experience, and if we can't do it, we'll be happy to help you find someone who can.

On the Web

Specializing in data-driven websites, we can build and host your web-based information systems according to your needs. Whether you need a small, relatively static site, a fully dynamic data-driven web presence, or a specialized browser-based or mobile application, we can provide a custom solution to fit your needs and budget.

At the Office

Specializing in professional IT infrastructure for small businesses

  • Document management and collaboration
  • Secure network, VPN and firewall services
  • Web hosting
  • Email services

Reaching your Customers

Implementing a good website is one thing, but how do you get your customers (past, present and future) to use it? One important page in our portfolio involves marketing.

We provide personalized marketing communication services, though email and in print. We can help you reach the valuable information hiding within your existing customer data, and use it to drive highly-effective marketing campaigns.

You can send personalized newsletters, special offers, surveys, anything else you can dream up, directly to your customers' in-boxes and/or mailboxes.

Responses are delivered directly back to your campaign data, with embedded tracking so that you can pinpoint your campaign's effectiveness.

All of our email offerings are strictly opt-in, using your existing customer base and/or subscription forms on your website. We do not buy, sell, or provide email lists in any form.

Contact Us

We welcome the opportunity to help you find relevant, effective solutions.

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